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Good Time: Everything You Wanted to Know About 

Going to a Federal Prison  Camp

but Had No One to Ask

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"Filled with wise commentary about life in a federal prison camp, and thereafter, this guide provides tips, and information crucial to men and women faced with serving time in a Federal Prison Camp."

Are you, or perhaps someone you know possibly going to a federal prison camp? Scary thought. I know, and I'm sorry to hear it. I've been there. Be prepared. My book will let know know what to expect, and will help you to get through your "visit." I wish it would have been available to me before I went in. It would have saved me and my family a lot of grief.

In this readable book, the most up-to-date one available, you'll learn things that sentencing consultants who charge thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars don't know.

Even if they were once incarcerated, things have changed. Learn the truth. What it's really like.

This book is written for the inmate and his loved ones and his legal and accounting advisers. 

It is also of value to prosecutors and judges, as it provides the unvarnished truth about what it's really like in a federal prison camp.

Savvy and succinct, GOOD TIME: Everything You Wanted to Know About Going to a Federal Prison Camp but Had No One to Askby O. T. Seville is the most up-to-date guide for anyone facing time in a federal prison camp or their loved ones. Full of practical advice, it is also a “must-have” for white collar criminal defense lawyers guiding their clients. The author provides guidance on pre-sentencing issues, commitment orders, surrendering rights, protocols, ins and outs of camp customs, and the minutiae of everyday camp life, and then halfway house and supervised release so that readers can make the most of the time they spend “on sabbatical.” It is also the first book to cover the recently passed “Second Chance Act of 2007.” His advice may save readers tens of thousands of dollars in consultant fees, along with a lot of grief. Practical and concise, with actual documents, lists, menus, and so on, this is the ultimate guide for making your time in into “Good Time.”


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